Featured Suppressor: The Multi-Cal

GSL’s new Multi Cal suppressor is setup with everything you need to suppress shots from .22 caliber all the way to 300 WIN MAG. GSL Technology has been manufacturing “The World’s Finest Suppressors” since 1993. Located in Jackson, Michigan, we have built a strong industry reputation for excellence in design, precision, durability, and quality. Learn more about the Multi-Cal by clicking below.



The Gun Collective Reviews GSL Suppressors:

Jon Patton of TGC News reviewed our entire line of suppressors back in 2017 at a private range in Pennsylvania. We were honored to be featured on the show and hope to have Patton visit our facility in the near future. For more great videos by The Gun Collective, click here.

TFB-Side’s Nick Chen Tests GSL Suppressors:

The Firearm Blog recently visited our facility in Jackson, Michigan to review and test our entire product line of suppressors.Make sure you wear headphones when listening to this clip because the video was captured using 3D-audio technology. With headphones, you’ll hear exactly what the suppressor sounds like at the range.

Nick also interviewed Greg Latka, President and Founder of GSL Technology, during his about Greg’s long career in the suppressor industry.

Paul Phillips (Applied Ballistics ELR) Reviews the GSL Copperhead Suppressor:

Paul Phillips, a member of the US Rifle Team, tested the point of impact, accuracy, and the velocity of his 375 Lethal Mag with Cutting Edge bullets and the GSL Technology Copperhead Suppressor. This rifle also has a new Nightforce ELR Scope and McMillan ELR Beast Stock. Phillips comments, “The best un-suppressed group was 1’70” inches at 500 yards. The best-suppressed group was 1’75” inches at 500 yards. There was no point of impact shift and the silencer showed about a 10FPS faster average velocity. Understand that this test was with minimal rounds, but the initial testing was very promising. I will be competing with this silencer in the near future. I highly recommend a GSL Copperhead for anyone wanting a precision silencer.”

Mike Avery’s Outdoor Livestream with US Rifle Team:

Mike Avery’s Outdoor Magazine recently featured the US Rifle Team in a “Wednesday Night Live” broadcast on Facebook. Paul Phillips, Adjutant of the team, used a GSL Copperhead .375 Lethal Mag to hit a six-inch group at a mile at the range in Midland, Michigan. The quality of our suppressors are second to none and we are proud to be a sponsor of the US Rifle Team.