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GSL Technology Suppressors LEO T&E Request Form

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NOTE: The standard T&E is 90 days. Additional time may be requested and is subject to approval by GSL Technology Suppressors in writing. ● Applicant is responsible for the return or purchase of the test unit. ● If the test unit(s) is/are not returned or purchased, applicant acknowledges GSL will invoice the applicant’s agency / department for the full MSRP value of the test unit(s). ● You must be authorized to T&E, and speak on behalf of your agency regarding the T&E. ● You must use your official agency email address. ● You must use your agency’s physical address. ● You must complete, sign, and submit the return form5 to GSL for the return of the suppressors after the 90day period to GSL for the T&E Acknowledge that GSL will file this form5 upon completion of the T&E if the suppressors are not purchased or returned.