Manufacturing Services

Design and Engineering

GSL Technology offers a wide range of in-house talent and technology to provide you with a broad range of design and engineering services. We can take your concept or idea, and quickly and cost-effectively turn it into a durable, precision prototype, from a simple model to a fully functional product or production. GSL will work with you to develop an optimum prototyping design. Our in-house engineering services has more specialized experience with design and manufacturing of suppressor technology than any other entity in the industry. All designs are created with a sharp focus on product innovation while also taking into consideration cost effectiveness. GSL constantly strives to push suppressor technology forward.

Private Label

GSL Technology is a state of the art, precision machine manufacture that is well known for their innovative design and engineering services within the small arms and suppressor industry. Our extensive industry experience within our engineering department allows us to focus on developing and implementing advanced engineering and production techniques for every aspect of a wide range of manufacturing processes. This focus enables us to provide cutting-edge products that your customers will demand.

Contract Manufacturing

Our continued success and growth over the years is directly attributed to attention to details, quality controls and focusing on our customer’s needs. Equipped with a state of the art facility and extensive production capabilities we are well positioned to offer high quality, cost effective short and long runs at GSL.
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